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We are Manufacturers!

We manufacture all of our products for you in our factory in Madrid, Spain. Because of this, we offer great conditions to our distributors around the world.

Fast delivery

An advanced production and storage process has been stablished to ensure that you can be certain that the product will be always available for you.

We care about you

We know that every distributor has his individual needs. We adapt the product for those needs so we can guarantee the satisfaction of our clients.


In Polydros we have stablished several controls in the manufacturing process of our products, so as to guarantee the maximum quality and the best service to our clients.


We are a european company stablished in Spain since 1961. During more than 50 years we have offered the best guarantees to our clients.

The best customer support

We have a great staff that will support in any matter you need: from product information to sales and marketing assesment. We really care that your campaigns can be succesful.

Advantages we offer

  • The orders are shipped in less than 15 days in our Cleaning Block brand
  • The best european-made quality
  • Possibility of free transportation
  • A complete service of guidance by our staff
  • We focus on your needs
  • Assesment in marketing and sales
  • Different packagings focused in your client’s needs
  • Guarantee of a company with more than 50 years of experience
  • Samples for testing purposes

Do you want more information?

Please, contact us and we will kindly solve all your questions

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