Cleaning Block Griddle: the most effective tool to clean your griddle!

Cleaning a griddle becomes easy and fast with Cleaning Block Griddle


What is Cleaning Block Griddle

Cleaning Block Griddle is a hard block specifically designed to get rid of the most stubborn dirt and grease. It is the perfect tool for the most easy and effective cleaning of griddles. Its power to get rid of the most encrusted dirt and grease is exceptional!

Effective cleaning tool

Cleaning Block Griddle is the most effective tool to clean a Griddle. In Spain the results are impressive, having sold more than 45 million units of this product to professionals.

Ecological and non-toxic

Cleaning Block Griddle is made from recycled materials. It is chemical free and does not contain any hazardous or toxic components. For that reason, it is completely non-toxic, non-allergenic and odourless. These properties make it the perfect tool for cleaning a cooking surface.

Bacteria free and safe cleaning

Cleaning Block Griddle is bacteriostatic. No bacteria can survive on its surface. For that reason, Cleaning Block Griddle is a hygienic tool, perfect for cleaning cooking surfaces!


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Cleaning Block Griddle properties

  •  Fast and effective cleaning
  • Ecological
  • Scours away the most encrusted dirt and grease
  • Cleaning without toxic gases or odours
  • Suitable for griddles, skillets, pots, metal tools,…
  • Without chemicals. Great for cleaning cooking surfaces!
  • Non toxic
  • Odourless
  • Non-allergenic
  • Safe for cleaning cooking surfaces
  • Professional cleaning

Number of units produced and sold of our Griddle cleaners

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