Made from recycled materials

Cleaning Block is made from RECYCLED GLASS. We do not add any harmful chemicals, resins or oil based components. Every time you use a Cleaning Block you are helping to recycle the equivalent of 1 glass bottle, avoiding it to go to dumps. Every year we recycle MORE THAN 800 TONS OF GLASS that otherwise would end in dumps

Non-toxic and hypoallergenic

Our products are tested by independent laboratories certifying that it is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. By using it your health and the health of your family is safe. It is also safe for animals and plants, respecting Nature.


When the Cleaning Block is used it wears off little by little turning into a fine powder. This fine powder is the original form of the glass before its first human transformation. When you use Cleaning Block you are

Safe for water

Unlike other cleaning produts, Cleaning Block is safe for drains, water and environment. There is no problem by letting the dust produced by the blocks to go through the drains as it will go back to the Nature without making any harm to it! In fact, the dust of our Cleaning Blocks has the exact same chemical composition as sand!


Our products do not contain any harmful chemicals. They can be used only with water, reducing the amount of chemicals or detergents to be used along them. By using less chemicals you are helping the environment!

Eco-friendly manufacturing process

Our manufacturing process is completely eco-friendly. We do not  produce harmful waste and we have a 100% electric production, contributing to avoid CO2 emissions.



Through a separation and selection process we select the ideal recycled glass


The glass is grinded into the finest powder and prepared for the melting process


Through a thermochemical process in specialized ovens the Cellular Glass is created


Finally, cellular glass sheets are obtained, ready for cutting and packaging

  • The complete manufacturing process is made under estrict quality controls
  • Every unit is analyzed by our technical staff to conform to the most exigent quality requirements.
  • We do not use any resins or oil based components
  • The final packaging is made from 90% recycled carton
  • Every step in the production chain is focused to avoid unnecessary energy consuption
  • During the production process no CO2 or gases are emitted